26 Mart 2021

Kerem Bursin (girlfriend, filmography, movies and tv series)

Kerem Bursin is Turkish actor. Kerem Bursin's acting career started in Hollywood. Then he moved to Turkey. Kerem Bursin has played many widely watched serials.

Name: Kerem Bürsin
Birthdate: 4 June 1987
Birthplace: İstanbul
Ex-girlfriends: Serenay Sarıkaya (August 2015 - May 2019), Hande Erçel (2021-2022)
Sibling: Melis Bürsin
Height: 1.79
Education: Emerson College marketing communications


Kerem Bursin, born in İstanbul. When Kerem was 10 months old, his family started to live outside Turkey due to his father's job. His father is an engineer who is a senior manager in an oil company. They lived 6 different foreign countries: Scotland, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and USA.

Kerem Bursin and his family moved to Sugar Land, Texas, USA when he was 12 years old. He played American football in high school.

He went to Boston for college education. He studied marketing communications at Emerson College.

Kerem Bursin started acting in high school. He was chosen as the best theater actor at a competition in high school in the US.

Music life in high school

"I went to a big high school. There was 5000 students. We had a band. I was also doing sports, but music was my passion. And I was thinking about not going to college. We made plans with friends in the band that we will tour the USA and give concerts. My father was very against my idea. So it's what my father said."

Starting acting and working with Roger Corman

"I graduated from the college. I decided to become an actor. I was living in Los Angeles. To be an actor, I needed to attend auditions. I was a noname actor. I met with agents. So only 'z list agents' accepted me. We met at Starbucks, no offices.

One day, my roommate called me. He was working at a big agent office. He fixed me an audition. Generally, when a 'z list actor' went to an audition, he waits with another 100 actors. And he has only 2 minutes to show himself. I went to the audition. Nobody was there. I was taken to a room. Roger Corman introduced himself. I found myself in audition with the producer. Sara Malakul Lane was there. She already was selected the lead role. And the audition got started. I forgot the lines.

We tried a couple of times. At last, I got very angry. I hit the tables. We finally finished. I left the room. I was disappointed. I thought I missed my opportunity because of my incompetence. At that night, my friend called me and said 'You got the role'. I got into a movie star mood. Then I searched Roger Corman. I realized that at that moment this man is a cinema legend.

In Turkey, we are working so hard. If Roger Corman see our (shooting serials in Turkey) system, he will admire us, he will say 'That's my dream'. Because we do our job as practical as we can. And that's what Roger wants.

We went to shoot Sharktopus to Mexico. I asked to Roger that 'Why you chose me?'. I messed up the audition. He said 'Your passion is enough to me'."



Sen Çal Kapımı - Serkan Polat (2020 - )
Aynen Aynen - Deniz (2020 - 2021)
Muhteşem İkili - Mustafa Kerim Can / MKC (2018 - 2019)
Yaşamayanlar - Dmitry (2018)
Bu Şehir Arkadan Gelecek - Ali Smith (2017)
Şeref Meselesi - Yiğit (2014-2015)
Ulan İstanbul - Yiğit (2015)
Güneşi Beklerken - Kerem Sayer (2013-2014)


İyi Oyun - Rüzgar (2018)
Can Feda - Onur Keskin (2018)
Unutursam Fısılda - Erhan (2014)
Shen gong yuan ling - Adam (2013)
Sharktopus - Andy Flynn (2010)

Sources: Eflatun TV

12 Mart 2021

Sadettin Saran (businessman - net worth, biography)

Sadettin Saran is Turkish businessman. He owns Saran Holding. Sadettin Saran was a member of the Fenerbahçe SK Board. He was also second shareholder of Borussia Dortmund.

Name: Sadettin Saran
Birthdate: 1964
Birthplace: USA
Child: Lal Saran
Height: 1.94 m
Education: Kentucky University, Engineering Department

Student years and first years of business life

"I knew I had to do my own job. I didn't have capital, but I had an idea. As I was in financial difficulties while studying in the USA, I spent most of my free time at home and watching television. There was no private channels in Turkey in the late 80's. There was only one public channel in Turkey. The establishment of the second was under discussion. I saw it while living abroad, there were a lot of channels. I thought: 'One day, there will be private televisions in Turkey too. Then the content will be important'. I borrowed money. Then I started knocking on doors to find content in the US. Nobody even looked at my face. I was 23-24 years old. I was very young, had no work experience. Finally ESPN agreed. At first, it was a 3-month trial period. Then there was a 6-month trial period. My first sale was truck racing to a new private television. On the other hand, I was working for an aviation and industrial company. I had a paid job during the day, I was doing my content business at night. I've also been successful in my salaried job. But I quit in 1995. And I continued my own business."

First meeting with ESPN

"I was knocking a lot of doors. Most of them were closed to me. One day, I went to ESPN headquarter. I remember that day very well. It was a very hot August friday afternoon. The whole floor was empty. There were no employees left. Only the person who I had a meeting and his secretary were working. He even forgot that we had a meeting. But I got that chance."

Life at Saran Holding

"We are a team here. A good boss is one that makes himself unnecessary. The biggest investment is the investment made in people. I care about employees being happy. I care that the person working here hopes that he/she can rise in her/his career. Merit is important for us. 5-6 years ago I said to the directors; 'From now on, our priority is not to make a profit. As long as we do not lose money, our employees are our priority'. The rate of quitting job in this company is less than 2 percent. I am succesful at this."

Sadettin Saran's icon

"Warren Buffet is one of the world's most successful businessmen, but he still drives his car himself. This is not something we are accustomed to in Turkey."

Sadettin Saran's sports life

"We are 4 brothers. We were so active when we were children. So my mother sent us to sports activities. I have no ability other than sports. No music, no painting... I went to university in the US by football scholarship. I started swimming in the university. And my scholarship turned to swimming. Now I still do sports 6 days a week, 2 hours a day. Boxing, yoga, fitness and swimming."

Sadettin Saran's net worth

Sadettin Saran owns Saran Holding. Saran Holding has investments in media, aviation, defence and tourism. Saran Holding is not listed on the stock exchange. So we don't know value of Saran Holding.

Sources: StoryBox, CnnTurk, Sky360, Saran Holding

9 Mart 2021

Merve Toy (Sports presenter)

Merve Toy is a sport broadcaster. Merve Toy began her career as an intern at Show TV when she was 18 years oldu. 6 months later, Lig TV was founded. Merve Toy worked 12 years in Lig TV. Now she works with multiple broadcast platforms. She made her first interview with Besiktaş's Zago.

Name: Merve Toy
Education: Marmara University, Radio-TV-Cinema
Favourite team: Fenerbahçe

Education Life

"My high school education was interrupted due to the earthquake (PS 1). First year I couldn't win the university exams. Second year, I studied very hard and won the Marmara University easily. I came to Istanbul. Totally disappointed. A small campus. The building has been damaged by the earthquake. We attend classes in prefabs. My school memories are very few. I was just going to university to take exams. (PS2)"

Work Life

"When I was a child, I watched TV presenters and imitated them a lot. I always want to be on TV. I met with Şansal Büyüka. He told me that I had to work and learn at all levels of TV before being a presenter. I started to work editing depertman. Then I worked as a copywriter. 3 years later I became a TV presenter"

Describing herself

"Joyful, fun and healthy"

Social media accounts

Instagram: mervetoy

PS 1: Gölcük earthquake in 1999, damaged East Marmara, was one of Turkey's largest earthquake in history. About 18 thousand people died.
PS 2: Marmara University Communication Faculty is known for its students starting to work in the sector while their education life continues. The number of lessons is low and there is no compulsory attendance.

Sources: Irmak Kazuk, 6N1K röportaj

3 Mart 2021

How did Caner Erkin and Sukran Ovali meet?

Caner Erkin and Sukran Ovali married in 2017. This was Caner Erkin's second, Sukran Ovali's first marriage.

How did you meet?

Şükran Ovalı: "We met at the dermatologist. I was prejudiced against Caner. Somehow he found my phone number. I was not interested for a year. He said 'Give me a chance'. Then I saw a different person. He look like an aggressive and ambitious man in the football field, but I saw a man who scared of breaking anyone's heart. I realized over time that he was one of the best people I have ever met"

How did you get a marriage proposal?

Şükran Ovalı: "He said 'We're going out to dinner'. We were on the boat but I never doubted it. Suddenly music and violins came. He proposed"

Source: Hürriyet Kelebek