26 Mart 2021

Kerem Bursin (girlfriend, filmography, movies and tv series)

Kerem Bursin is Turkish actor. Kerem Bursin's acting career started in Hollywood. Then he moved to Turkey. Kerem Bursin has played many widely watched serials.

Name: Kerem Bürsin
Birthdate: 4 June 1987
Birthplace: İstanbul
Ex-girlfriends: Serenay Sarıkaya (August 2015 - May 2019), Hande Erçel (2021-2022)
Sibling: Melis Bürsin
Height: 1.79
Education: Emerson College marketing communications


Kerem Bursin, born in İstanbul. When Kerem was 10 months old, his family started to live outside Turkey due to his father's job. His father is an engineer who is a senior manager in an oil company. They lived 6 different foreign countries: Scotland, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and USA.

Kerem Bursin and his family moved to Sugar Land, Texas, USA when he was 12 years old. He played American football in high school.

He went to Boston for college education. He studied marketing communications at Emerson College.

Kerem Bursin started acting in high school. He was chosen as the best theater actor at a competition in high school in the US.

Music life in high school

"I went to a big high school. There was 5000 students. We had a band. I was also doing sports, but music was my passion. And I was thinking about not going to college. We made plans with friends in the band that we will tour the USA and give concerts. My father was very against my idea. So it's what my father said."

Starting acting and working with Roger Corman

"I graduated from the college. I decided to become an actor. I was living in Los Angeles. To be an actor, I needed to attend auditions. I was a noname actor. I met with agents. So only 'z list agents' accepted me. We met at Starbucks, no offices.

One day, my roommate called me. He was working at a big agent office. He fixed me an audition. Generally, when a 'z list actor' went to an audition, he waits with another 100 actors. And he has only 2 minutes to show himself. I went to the audition. Nobody was there. I was taken to a room. Roger Corman introduced himself. I found myself in audition with the producer. Sara Malakul Lane was there. She already was selected the lead role. And the audition got started. I forgot the lines.

We tried a couple of times. At last, I got very angry. I hit the tables. We finally finished. I left the room. I was disappointed. I thought I missed my opportunity because of my incompetence. At that night, my friend called me and said 'You got the role'. I got into a movie star mood. Then I searched Roger Corman. I realized that at that moment this man is a cinema legend.

In Turkey, we are working so hard. If Roger Corman see our (shooting serials in Turkey) system, he will admire us, he will say 'That's my dream'. Because we do our job as practical as we can. And that's what Roger wants.

We went to shoot Sharktopus to Mexico. I asked to Roger that 'Why you chose me?'. I messed up the audition. He said 'Your passion is enough to me'."



Sen Çal Kapımı - Serkan Polat (2020 - )
Aynen Aynen - Deniz (2020 - 2021)
Muhteşem İkili - Mustafa Kerim Can / MKC (2018 - 2019)
Yaşamayanlar - Dmitry (2018)
Bu Şehir Arkadan Gelecek - Ali Smith (2017)
Şeref Meselesi - Yiğit (2014-2015)
Ulan İstanbul - Yiğit (2015)
Güneşi Beklerken - Kerem Sayer (2013-2014)


İyi Oyun - Rüzgar (2018)
Can Feda - Onur Keskin (2018)
Unutursam Fısılda - Erhan (2014)
Shen gong yuan ling - Adam (2013)
Sharktopus - Andy Flynn (2010)

Sources: Eflatun TV
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