3 Mart 2021

How did Caner Erkin and Sukran Ovali meet?

Caner Erkin and Sukran Ovali married in 2017. This was Caner Erkin's second, Sukran Ovali's first marriage.

How did you meet?

Şükran Ovalı: "We met at the dermatologist. I was prejudiced against Caner. Somehow he found my phone number. I was not interested for a year. He said 'Give me a chance'. Then I saw a different person. He look like an aggressive and ambitious man in the football field, but I saw a man who scared of breaking anyone's heart. I realized over time that he was one of the best people I have ever met"

How did you get a marriage proposal?

Şükran Ovalı: "He said 'We're going out to dinner'. We were on the boat but I never doubted it. Suddenly music and violins came. He proposed"

Source: Hürriyet Kelebek
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