9 Mart 2021

Merve Toy (Sports presenter)

Merve Toy is a sport broadcaster. Merve Toy began her career as an intern at Show TV when she was 18 years oldu. 6 months later, Lig TV was founded. Merve Toy worked 12 years in Lig TV. Now she works with multiple broadcast platforms. She made her first interview with Besiktaş's Zago.

Name: Merve Toy
Education: Marmara University, Radio-TV-Cinema
Favourite team: Fenerbahçe

Education Life

"My high school education was interrupted due to the earthquake (PS 1). First year I couldn't win the university exams. Second year, I studied very hard and won the Marmara University easily. I came to Istanbul. Totally disappointed. A small campus. The building has been damaged by the earthquake. We attend classes in prefabs. My school memories are very few. I was just going to university to take exams. (PS2)"

Work Life

"When I was a child, I watched TV presenters and imitated them a lot. I always want to be on TV. I met with Şansal Büyüka. He told me that I had to work and learn at all levels of TV before being a presenter. I started to work editing depertman. Then I worked as a copywriter. 3 years later I became a TV presenter"

Describing herself

"Joyful, fun and healthy"

Social media accounts

Instagram: mervetoy

PS 1: Gölcük earthquake in 1999, damaged East Marmara, was one of Turkey's largest earthquake in history. About 18 thousand people died.
PS 2: Marmara University Communication Faculty is known for its students starting to work in the sector while their education life continues. The number of lessons is low and there is no compulsory attendance.

Sources: Irmak Kazuk, 6N1K röportaj
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