8 Mayıs 2021

Yaprak Medine (age, birthday, biography, boyfriend)

Yaprak Medine is a Turkish actress. She started modeling when she was a nurse. Now she continues her career as an actress.

Name: Yaprak Medine
Birthdate: July 1996
Birthplace: İstanbul
Boyfriend: Kayra Çandar (September 2020 - )
Zodiac sign: Cancer

School years

"My parents wanted me to study nursing in high school. It was not my choice. Four years at school were like a nightmare. Now I am glad I went to nursing school. Because I started working when I finished high school. Working at the age of 18 gave me confidence."

"I was working as a nurse and studying dialysis at university at the same time. I decided to set my routine. So I suspended my study in my first year. I wanted to suspend my study again one year later. But it was impossible according to school rules. So I dropped my university study."

Starting modeling

"While working as a nurse, I started modeling more as an amateur. One day, I got offer for Vakkorama shooting. I accepted it. After then I got lots of offer. I suddenly became a model."


Advertisement videos

Atasay- 2018
Eti Karam - 2019


Menajerimi Ara - Beren (2020 - 2021)

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