15 Aralık 2020

What does 'Bir Baskadir' mean ? (Netflix Turkish series)

Bir Baskadir is one of Netflix's new Turkish series... Bir Baskadir became the most viewed Netflix series in Turkey in a short of time. We explain what does 'bir baskadir' mean in this article.

Originally 'Bir Başkadır'... 'Ş' is a Turkish letter. And little 'ı' is using in Turkish language.

'Bir Başkadır' is simple present tense, 'Bir Başkaydı' is past tense.

'Bir' means one or a... 'Başkadır' means is different. But 'a different' does not tell us the exact meaning. It has a deeper meaning. It means positively different. It can include praise, nostalgia, admiration, remembrance in the context.


➨ If a person says "Tom bir başkadır" when talking about his/her employees, you understand that Tom is a great employee. Tom is the number one, no question. 100 percent satisfaction. And Tom is probably the best employee of all time for the employer. "Bir başkadır" gives that strong meaning to the sentence.

➨ If a man who has had 10 girlfriends in the past at the different times says "Jennifer bir başkaydı", it means that this man couldn't forget Jennifer yet. Jennifer is still in his mind. The nine girls are not meaningful anymore, but Jennifer is. Probably he wants to try once more.

➨ "Paris bir başkadır", "My sister's cake bir başkadır", "Santa Monica Pier sunset bir başkadır". You can use "bir başkadır" not only for people but also things and places.

➨ 'Bir Başkadır Benim Memleketim' is a famous Turkish song. "Benim Memleketim" means "my land". If a Turk sings this song passionately, you can understand that he/she deeply and patriotically love Turkey. "Bir başkadır my land"... "Bir başkadır benim memleketim". "I don't want any country other than Turkey. This is the land I want to live and die".
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